Trying Something New…

Hello all,

I have ADHD. I used to take medication to help me manage my symptoms, but now, I don’t. I have been off the medication for about two months now and it is driving me absolutely bonkers!

I went from taking 18 milligrams of Concerta with breakfast every morning, to absolutely nothing. It has been rough let me tell you! I have had a breakdown every week since, because my moods and emotions are all other the place. I have noticed some other changes too; mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, and I seem to be even clumsier than I used to be – how is that even possible?

So, enough is enough I’m thinking. I need a change, I need to make some progress here.

I did some reading – a lot of reading. And I found that there are some less common ways to treat symptoms of ADHD without medications. Why not try them out right? Well, it’s not that easy, but I’ll give it a go anyhow. Some of the things I have read about and are most interested in are changes in diet, establishing a steady routine, and yoga/meditation/exercise.

Many studies have shown that a diet change in children and adults with ADHD can be helpful in managing symptoms and nurturing productivity. They say that avoiding simple carbohydrates, excessive caffeine and artificial preservatives and dyes can help us manage. However, the data is not solid enough to conclude that an elimination diet can truly help an ADD kid – as i like to call myself. Even though the data and research is not there, i am going to give it a whirl! I mean, everyone could benefit from a healthy diet free from crap right? Right.

Lots of articles strongly suggest that us ADDers get a good night’s sleep, keep a schedule or routine to follow, and get daily exercise. So, you are telling me that us unstructured, scatter-brained people actually need all of these things that are SUPER hard for us crazy people to accomplish? Whelp, there’s no hope for me then, no way I can do all this all at once.

That’s the thing, I can do these things, it will just take me a long time because I am a little crazy in the head. I figure I can work on the caffeine and diet things first, then tackle a morning routine, then an afternoon routine, and then a night-time routine. And before I know it I will be on my game, doing all the shit I need to get done, plus eating right too! Boy, I can’t wait!

So I am going to try this thing out, and I’d like for you all to come along for the ride with me! Maybe what I experience through enforcing these new changes can aspire someone who’s struggling to take the plunge into change as well. It’s easier with friends, I know that much.

I will develop a plan of action tonight and tomorrow and let the world know what i plan to do about this tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading,



PS. Here are some useful links for further reading:

The ADHD Food Fix

ADD & ADHD Health Center


How to Cope & Manage Your Adult ADHD Medication Free

These are all good articles that can help of you have an open mind. Thanks again for reading, and please feel free to comment!








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