Day Two – Progress Report

Binge eating and late-night TV are the worst habits to break!

I went to bed last night a little after eleven – this is going to be even harder than i thought – and i woke up at eight in the morning. I am close to my goal, but no cigar. I can say however that going to sleep earlier than one or two in the morning has already seemed to show it’s benefits; I am alert, and ready to go today.

I did notice something last night though. I had not eaten much yesterday – something i will eventually put more energy into fixing- and so when bedtime came around i was freaking starving! I loaded up on carbohydrates and had some mac and cheese right before bed, terrible thing to do, i know, i know.

Now wait one minute before you yell at me for doing this. I broke my resolutions into stages so that i can actually accomplish them.You may say eating right is important, but i say that can wait until i get other areas of my life in order first. I will try not to binge eat at night, but lets face it, it is going to happen. Healthy and realistic expectations of ones self are imperative to have.

Moving on, I love that i am setting my mind to something meaningful. It makes me feel like i have control over my ADHD “symptoms” and therefore have control over my life.

On a side note: you may be thinking that all of this routine and planning might not be the best for a free-spirited, outgoing, ADHDers such as myself. That’s why I am not going to stress too much over this. I am who i am, so that means that my life will still be somewhat impulsive, I care mostly about keeping the impulses to a minimum. Everything needs to be in moderation, including structure and routine. I am not going to schedule in spontaneity or anything, but, if say a friend of mine wants to have a girls night, and I don’t have plans, heck yeah i’m going out for a girls night. But i will also make sure to not shirk my responsibilities. Bottom line, i am allowed to be my crazy self, just in moderation; I am allowed to be structured and  have a routine, but i need not take it over board.

Thank you internet, for being the audience that i so very need.

Until next time folks!

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