Experiment for ADHD’ers Everywhere!

Hello Folks,

Procrastination is a terrible thing.

Here is my plan for ADHD success, I hope that you will follow along with me and watch how this experiment turns out in the end.

Each stage in my plan is twenty-eight days long, because that is how long it takes to make something a habit – something you eventually do by nature.

Stage One – Sleep schedule – Jan 1 – Jan 28

Letting your body do it’s thing is what this stage is all about.

Sleep is important for everyone, and it turns out it’s really good for crazy people too! Everyone needs eight-to-ten hours of sleep a  night to function, and we are no exception! (even though many of us may feel we are.) Sleeping well also promotes healthy brain function, and helps us to be at our highest potential.

So I shall start with this very important step, and blog almost daily about how i feel,what i am getting done, and how my ADHD symptoms are doing. (And by ADHD symptoms i mean distraction, inattention, compulsion and mood swings.)

My bedtime will now be at eleven at night, that way i can wake up at seven in the morning with my daughter and NOT be a zombie.

Stage Two – Morning Routine – Jan 29 – Feb 25

Getting into a flow of things is what this stage is all about.

Balance and structure are really beneficial for ADHD kids. We need to know what is coming up next, we need to know what to expect from life on a daily basis. Just like actual children, we strive to have order and routine in our daily lives. The catch here though is that building a structured routine can literally be one of the hardest things for us. That’s why i am taking it one small step at a time, and starting with the most important time of the day, morning.

For this stage i plan to add a morning routine to my mix. Waking up, having coffee, taking a few minutes to myself to clear my head, and breakfast. ( i have a hard time eating in the morning)

Stage Three – Nighttime/Bedtime Routine – Feb 26 – Mar 24

Self-care is what this stage is all about.

I feel like a need a time at night to meditate, maybe read, draw, color. So i have added this stage to aid me in getting the spiritual/relaxing time i need on a regular basis.

Before bed:

  • self-care – brush teeth, hair, wash face, lotion, that kind of stuff
  • reflect
  • breath deeply
  • sip tea


As a nighttime, before bed routine, i plan to do some blogging every night, then reflect on my day and what i have accomplished, then some nice relaxing tea time to get my brain to leave me alone long enough to sleep.

Stage Four – Afternoon Routine – Mar 25 – Apr 21

Staying in the rhythm is what this stage is all about.

In this stage is when i will add to the structure of my days a little something i want/need to do every afternoon. It might be as simple as taking a walk, i haven’t decided yet.

Stage Five – Daily Exercise – Apr 22 – May 19

An inward and outward flow of energy is what this stage is all about.

A crucial step for an ADHDer such as myself, now i get to have fun and be me, yay! Nothing hard about that! (except for the part of, um… doing it everyday…)

I can’t speak for all adults who have ADD/ADHD, but i have an abundance of energy – way more than other people! So, why not use it right? Right! I need an outlet of some sort to filter this energy out, or it can turn into a form of unwanted energy it doesn’t escape.

In this stage I aim to take two walks a day with my family to get things rolling.

Stage Six – Elimination Diet – May 20 – Jun 16

Staying grounded and eating that way is what this stage is all about.

This will most likely be the hardest part for me, because damn do i love my food!

I will  eliminate:

  • food dyes – pretty much anything that comes prepackaged
  • preservatives – pretty much anything that comes prepackaged
  • simple carbohydrates – white bread, white sugar, candy
  • excessive caffeine – one cup of coffee a day, then tea

And instead i will consume more:

  • protein
  • good fats – like the kind found in avocados, and peanut butter
  • complex carbohydrates – like fruits and veggies
  • herbal teas and lots of water!

Stage Seven – Time to reward myself – Jun 17 – Jun 19

Taking a moment to be grateful is what this stage is all about.

I will take this time to give myself a pat on the back, as you should if you are going to try this method.

I will also remember that i have come a long way to get here, and that i cant slide down hill now.

Stage Eight – Keeping it all up – FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY

I think i can, I think I can.

Thank you for reading, I am more than happy to answer any questions, just ask!

Talk to you later world!


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