ADHDers Need to Eat All of The Things

Oh man, I try to eat breakfast everyday, I really do. Cause I know that my overactive brain needs freaking nourishment. But fuck is it hard to keep my brain and body satisfied.

I eat three or four eggs every morning – when i’m not deliberately avoiding food, cause, you know, who’s got time for that shit? – and I often find myself hungry an hour later. What is this shit? Do i really need to snack on something every hour or so to keep my body and mind functioning?

Short answer. Yes.

You see, I for one have a very fast metabolism, so maybe that has something to do with it. But I’m super curious if any of my fellow ADHDers struggle with this as well. So, please, answer some questions for me…

Are you hungry all of the time?

Do you avoid eating because it takes too much precious time out of your day?

Do you feel better mentally when you do eat enough throughout the day?

Have any of you heard that high-protein diets are good for our overactive brains?

Anything else you’d like to share with me about ADHD and diet?

I struggle with this. Every. Single. Day. So, it’s obvious to me that i need to look into this more and share with you my findings.

Until then, comment how your ADHD/ADD affects your eating habits, and how we can come up with ways to tackle this problem together. I’m gonna go make a sandwich!

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