The gears are turning…

A draft from about a year ago, sharing, because this rant is important to me. I made a few edits to take out some of the brain vomit parts. 

Website. Blog. Art. Photos. Magick. Make art. Write things too. Put up a website, keep it up, keep putting yourself out there. Clear you head, work on your art, but don’t try too hard. Create things. Destroy other things and put them in your work. Write all of the words down. Collage. Have fun with it. Dream more, Connect all of the dots. Put the pieces together and find yourself. Document the fucking journey. 

My struggle is over. My main struggle is fucking over. That stage has passed, that chapter is over, and now is the time to dig deeper to find understanding, to heal.

A weight has been lifted. For the first time in my life I am free. Free from codependency. Free from possessive chains. Free from the poison that is my family. Free from that guilt, shame and fear. Free from judgement. Free to be me. As cheesy as that may sound, it is so fucking true.

I might be free from these things, and I may have done a whole lot of healing already – fucking trust me, I have – but there is so much more to be done, and I love that about me. I love how I am now the center of my own universe, and that I control it, and I manifest what I want and need.

I control my universe.

I fucking control my universe.

Gears continue to turn…

Progress, progress, progress, that is what’s important here. Notice the patterns. Notice what keeps spiraling back to you and confront it. You don’t have to push it down anymore, you are strong enough to overcome. You are sovereign.

I am sovereign.

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