Social Anxiety Thoughts

Why did I just say that?

Wait, I don’t get it…. Just play along, yeah.

They don’t think that’s funny, why would you think that’s funny?


Eye contact is hard, try not to look at your feet so much though.

Yes, the world amazes you, but don’t let that show so much, people think it’s childish…

You are trying way too hard.

Nobody likes you.

Change the subject already!

How am I an outcast among outcasts?

You are trying too hard again.

Nervous laughter

I still don’t get it


You are obsessing again.

You lost them

Uhhhhhhhhhh, just look around at the pretty things

Nervous laughter

Talk about the pretty things

Look around some more


Obscure reference

Laugh at your own obscure reference

Analyze your company, what do they want to hear?

Screw what they wanna hear.

Actually don’t, you like them, you want to keep them.

Okay, keep it cool, but be you.

Woah, too much you! Real in the you-ness

There’s a nice balance, keep going with that.

Sexual inuendos!

Now you’re not saying anything at all…

That might be going well, but i don’t like it!

Talk more, but about smart stuff.

Not about shiny things.

Don’t talk about shiny things.

Or conspiracy theories, people don’t like that.

Back to silence, that works.

Okay, now ease your way in, small talk if you have to.

Now, just blend, observe.

Fade into the shadows.

Try not to think about how uncool you are.

This has been a list of things that go through my head in social situations. Brought to you be my over active imagination and lack of prefrontal cortex activity. 

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