Social Media Guidelines for Happiness

Social media is a great tool in our day in age. But I know that I need to be VERY CAREFUL, or I will spiral down into depression, not knowing when I will have the strength to pull myself out.

Social media is fun. You take silly pictures using filters, and you share them with the world along with your thoughts. And you get feedback from your people. At its best, social media can bring people together; to discuss, to organize, to publicize. At it’s worst, it is a breeding ground for hatred, jealously, and conflict.

I have some social media guidelines:

  1. Five minutes at a time. Everything in moderation.
  2. Don’t download the apps! Time-wasters, as an ADHDer, I need to take all of the time-wasters out of my life to up my chances for success.
  3. Use Facebook for spreading love. I try to only go on Facebook to send love to my friends posts, and events and stuff to help them get the word out. I don’t really post, I refrain from scrolling, and I GTFO when I need to.
  4. DO NOT ENGAGE, I REPEAT, DO NOT ENGAGE. I do not, under any circumstances, comment on controversial – political or otherwise – posts that will inevitably be toxic. I choose to disengage for my sanity.
  5. Commenting: I try to only comment on stuff from people I know IRL, and I try to keep it positive.
  6. Posting: I post because I want to, and I post what I want to. To keep myself from going crazy, I remind myself that I am fucking valid.
  7. Take nothing personally

I remind myself that:

~everything is okay~

~people are not like their feeds in real life~

~each and every person is going through their own shit~

~give people a break~

~you are valid~

~you don’t need a strong social media presence to be valid~

~social media is a tool that you can use, you are not a tool for social media to use~

Just some thoughts on social media on this cloudy Sunday, when the urge to feed scroll is strong. A reminder to get out into the world, and away from screens for a while. How do you deal with social media depression? What rules do you put into place to save your sanity?

Oh yeah, and love yourself

Thanks for reading! Leave your thoughts below!


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