Landing a “Real Job” With ADHD – The Struggle is REAL

In my experience, ADHD makes me unmarketable.

Nobody wants to hire a child in adults clothing. Hyperactivity, impulsiveness, poor decision-making, are not traits HR looks for in a new hire. These traits have lost me EVERY JOB IN MY LIFE. But how do I break the cycle? How do I find the perfect job for me and my ADHD? If not perfect, how do I find ANYTHING that will work in the long-term for everyone involved?

I do not know the answer to this question.


I have spent a whole lot of time reading, and even more time thinking about this exact thing.

I’ve got experience trying to fit in at a real job. I’ve tried food service; McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts (a few times,) serving, hostess, bar back, line cook. Nope, didn’t work for me, especially the corporate places – you want me to feed them this!? I’ve tried retail; sales, marketing, cashier. Nope, just can’t stay focused on those miniscule tasks. I’ve tried other things too, work-study in an office, file clerk, bookkeeping that one time, art modelling, general labor, marketing again. I’ve tried to do my own thing, pave my own road – none of these things went well, because I simply didn’t follow through. I tried starting my own blogger-for-hire business, fell through, didnt commit. I tried arts and crafts business – a few times. Nope. I’ve tried one of those pyramid schemes like MAry Kay or Passion Parties – as fun as that would have been , DIDNT WORK OUT. Oh, I even sold Kirby vacuums for a while, that was really good money, but I didnt have the longevity to stick with it.

See the pattern here? I don’t stick to things long enough to see if they will actually fit. I bail. I chicken out. I get scared of success and run. I tell myself horror stories of how awful I am/they are/this is/this company/these people/this life/this job. I tell myself these things, then I quit, thinking that I am too good for it when in reality i just couldn’t handle it.

This has been a treacherous experience for me. Job after job after job. I feel like I just can’t get it right. I even once settled on the idea that I CANT work in the real world, for someone else. Because I NEED to be doing something worth it, I need to be doing something that matters to me, to the world. I was determined that a “real job” wouldn’t be the  thing for me, and instead, I will start my own business – finally, and I will make something of myself that way because screw people’s rules!

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