Something something, you gotta keep a schedule man! I tell myself that all the time.

I need a schedule to keep me in check. On a daily basis. No matter what. I need to be holding myself accountable for every minute of everyday, or I will get absolutely nothing done.

When I had a smart phone, it was easier to do this. I would use the calendar, timer, alarms, and other nifty apps to keep my ass in check. I find myself without this technological crutch to lean on, and I am struggling without it. And it sucks.

On the other hand, it is kind of nice not having a smart phone glued to my face 24/7. I’ve found that I look up at the sky more often now, and that I’m more present in my everyday life. Another silver lining is that this doubles as a chance to address my MAJOR control issues.

Old Cassie would plan almost every second of every day, and if old Cassie didn’t rise to the occasion, old Cassie would panic, and metaphorically blow everything up. But now, old Cassie is being silenced, and being replaced with Adapt-Overcome-Improvise Cassie. I like this Cassie a lot better. She’s chill, and can adapt to any situation without a major panic attack. I am proud of this Cassie.

Just a friendly reminder that not every plan has to be unflinchingly rigid. Sometimes, you NEED to adapt, or not do the thing at all, and that’s okay.

Rant to get back into blogging regularly… again.

Thanks for stopping by!

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